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Carnival in Dominica is one of the island’s biggest festivals. The festival is rooted in masquerade in which most revellers on the streets used to wear masks to conceal their identity. Our Carnival is predominantly influenced by the African love of colour, costumes, masks and the beating of drums.


3 am on carnival Monday is J’ouvert, which we spend in Marigot. People dress up in costumes of their own making and style, and dance in the streets usually to lapo kabwit. In the days leading up to Jouvert, there are a number of themed parties like pool parties, mud bath, flour fights, powder fete and wet fete.

In Dominica, we have a saying “more party more fun Sewo cyah done”. During the carnival season, we don’t sleep much.

Carnival Monday – School bands and Carnival Royalty parade done the streets of Roseau, alongside big trucks with sound systems.

This is followed by the TShirt bands for the street “jump up” which ends at about 10 pm. 

Carnival Tuesday – is pretty mas, with a number of costume bands in flamboyant costumes parade down the streets alongside big trucks with sound systems.

You can participate in these celebrations and enjoy with Hibiscus Valley Inn. Dominica is one of the best Carnival’s throughout all the Caribbean.


Time of Year: February/March

Location: Roseau

  • Pre Carnival “Fetes”
  • Jouvert Morning – in Marigot
  • Carnival Monday – in Roseau
  • Carnival Tuesday – in Roseau


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