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Visit an island like non other, and let us at Hibiscus Valley Inn show the best way to experience this beautiful island!

The Unexplored and Untouched

… English is spoken

… No poisonous insects or dangerous animals

… Best whale watching in the Caribbean 85-90%

… Highest %  of people over 100 years in the world

… Last Carib Indian population in the world

… One of the 5 best diving places according to Dive Press.

Pirate of the Caribbean II & III chose Dominica as the recording place for their beauty, adventure and mystic.

… Lowest Crime rate in the Caribbean

… Ranked as the five happiest people in the world according to British Institute of Research

The first inhabitants on Dominica
The indigenous people who settled down in Dominica gave the island the name Waitukubuli which means “tall is her body”. This is easy to understand after having visited the island seeing its tall green forested mountains.

Hibiscus Valley Inn, Dominica

Unmarked by mass-tourism and luxury hotels
Dominica gives a unique opportunity to experience wild and unexploited nature in a country where the local people are open and friendly. Dominica is widely recognized as one of the premier ecotourism destinations for adventurous nature lovers.

Hibiscus Valley Inn, Dominica

A hiker’s dream
The rugged, unspoiled landscape of mountain peaks and valleys is covered with lush tropical forests, impressive waterfalls and exotic flora. Welcome to Dominica! Welcome to the adventure!

Marigot is the third largest community in Dominica with 2500 inhabitants. It is situated 5-minutes by car (30 minutes by foot) from Hibiscus Valley Inn. In Marigot you will find, in addition to a small hidden sand beach, a post office, bank, hospital and small shops. The population of Dominica is around 60,000.  Everything on Dominica is noncommercial. The capital is Roseau, a sleepy little town which is worth an afternoon’s exploration. The closest airport is Douglas Charles Airport (DOM) formerly Melville Hall, which is 20 minutes away.



Our Tour and Experience Adventures

Let us show you this beautiful island through one of our adventure packages!

To make the most of your stay on the island, Hibiscus Valley Inn offers a large number of unique excursions, ranging from short waterfall hikes to more extensive six-hour hikes to the boiling lake or up the tallest mountain.