Kalinago & Waterfalls

Details & Itinerary

Feel the pulse of Dominica on this educational, cultural & adventurous journey across the island.

Embark on fun & cultural day that begins with a blend of accessible hikes and nature experiences.

Our first stop is at the Twin Falls, discovered and developed by Hibiscus Valley Inn. To get to the first waterfall, we take a gentle fifteen minutes’ walk through the rainforest. The falls are roughly 25 meters high with a mysterious cave close-by. Those who wish can take a swim in the waterfall pool while the more adventurous continue on to climb a small ridge to get to the second, 20-meter high white sulphur waterfall, coloured by the volcanic activities of the island. 

Our second stop is at the well-known Emerald pool, the crown jewel of the Dominican sites. 

After that we drive to the Kalinago territory where we visit the Kalinago Barana Aute, meaning village by the sea. An experienced Kalinago guide will take you through the history of his people. You will learn how they make the famous Cassava bread, their dug-out canoes, their award-winning crafts and their traditional way of building houses.

USD $69 Children/Adults

Activity Level: Easy - Moderate

Location: Kalinago Territory and Emerald Pool

  • Drive to Spanny / Twin falls
  • Visit Emerald Pool
  • Drive through the Kalinago Territory
  • Visit the Kalinago Barana Aute
Also inquire about our separate 1/2 day tours: $45 us/per person:
  • Twin falls
  • Emerald pool
  • Kalinago village


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