7 Nights Adventure Package 

7 Nights in a Nature Bungalow including transfer. Breakfast included for every day of the stay. 5 days of tours with a certified guide. Lunch and dinner included during tour days (5). 

Nature Bungalows 970 USD/pers
Semi-deluxe rooms 1190 USD/pers   

Day 1 Arrival, Welcome…
…to the “Nature island of the Caribbean”! The short drive allows you to appreciate the fact that Dominica truly is a Nature paradise, with lush vegetation, untouched rainforests, 365 rivers, magnificent views, countless colourful flowers and an amazing sunset. It is a “dream of another reality” as Ms Norun Person, Hibiscus Valley Inn’s founder once said.

After a long journey we will let you settle in for the night and dinner is served at 7.30. No tours or activity on the first day.  

Day 2 
Carib territory & Waterfalls roundtrip 
The adventures begin with a relatively easy combination of hikes and nature experiences. Our first stop will be at the Twin Falls, Hibiscus Valley Inn’s discovered and developed waterfalls. In order to get there we first have to make an easy fifteens minutes’ walk through the rainforest. The first waterfall is approximately 25 meters high with a mysterious cave in direct connection to it. Those who wish can take a swim in the waterfall pool while the more adventurous climbs a small mountain ridge in order to get to the second, 20-meter high white sulphur waterfall, coloured by the volcanic activities of the island. 

After this we will visit the More Trois Piton National Park, which is an UNECO World heritage site and make a stop at the well-known Emerald pool, the crown jewel on the Dominican tourist map.  

 After we will drive to the Carib territory where we will visit the Kalinago Barana Aute, meaning Carib village by the sea. Here an experienced Carib Indian guide will take you through the history of his people. You will learn how they made the famous Casava bread, the dug-out canoes, their award-winning crafts and their traditional way of building houses.   

Day 3
River tubing & Rainforest hike
After breakfast we will enjoy one of Dominica’s “must-do” adventures River tubing. Experience the natural wonders of Dominica while floating down a river in a tube. You’ll launch your tubing adventure right from river that runs along Hibiscus Valley Inn. It is a great combination of slow and relaxing river pools and fun filled mini-rapids.  

When the River Tubing is done we will follow our guides right into the untouched rainforest where they will tell you about the many different medical and practical uses of the plants and trees in the rainforest. A traditional “Cook up” lunch will be prepared on open fire in a beautiful rainforest river location. 

Day 4 
River boat ride, Portsmouth & Fort Shirley
After breakfast you will have the morning to yourself. You will have time to explore the Hibiscus surroundings or just relax in the hammock. After lunch we head to Portsmouth for a scenic ride up the Indian River. You will travel on small wooden boats up the river, through a Mangrove swamp that in many ways resembles a ride along the Amazon River. The most striking difference is probably that there are no dangerous animals or insects to look out for on Dominica. After the 20 minutes long boat ride we make a stop at a local bar next to the river. 

When we return from the boat ride, we will take a picknick on one of the black sand beaches in Portsmouth.  

Before we head back to the guesthouse, we will make a historical visit at Fort Shirley. This was the headquarters and main defense post of the British army garrison. It is a fortress known for its importance in historical battles between the French and the British. 

Day 5 
Option on a free activity day
There are numerous different sights to visit on Dominica and even the most active visitor will not have time to see them all. Examples of things to do is the popular Whale & Dolphin safari, snorkelling at the Champagne reef, a visit to a secluded beach, Secret Pool, Middleham Falls, go diving or visit the capital. There is also a possibility to rent a car to explore the island on your own.  

Note that transportation, tour guide, lunch or dinner are not included in the price 

Day 6
Boiling lake Hike – Hot springs – Tito Gorge
We get up early this morning for a difficult hike to the largest boiling lake in the world!  

The strenuous hike takes approximately 3.5 hours one way and offers a true “once in a lifetime experience”. We will walk through lush rainforest, up and along a mountain ridge, up a mountain peak and down through the Valley of Desolation towards the lake where you can boil an egg! A must on this hike is to take a dip in the warm, sulphur waterfall pools that are situated along the way. 

One of the highlights of the day is the swim at the Titoe Gorge. This is an amazing nature experience where a short swim inside of a gorge will take you to a hidden waterfall inside of the mountain.  

Easy Option
If you are not up for the tough hike to Boiling lake, there is an easier option which includes a visit to a local chocolate factory. Here you will learn about the whole process from “Bean to Bar”. You will also get to see the Red Rock formation.  

Day 7
Beach relaxation  
After all, we are in the Caribbean so we will spend the last day at a beach not far from the guesthouse. Work on the suntan and relax after a week of nature adventures. All the best beaches are in our part of the island.     

Day 8 Departure
You have time for a last swim in the river and a chance to say goodbye before you leave back home.  

 Please note that the order of activities may change depending on weather and to avoid crowed sites.